Alex M. Girard

Alex M. Girard,
Assistant Golf Professional

Private Lessons
45 Minutes $75
1 Hour $95
Series of 5 lessons receive 3 Free TrackMan Practice Sessions


Why TrackMan™?

Trackman really is revolutionary technology that gives golfers of all levels comprehensive feedback and accurate data for every club in your bag - precise carry and roll yardages, ball trajectory, clubface positions, spin rates, dispersion patterns and swing shape. The golfer can check his or her driver fitting, gap fitting, wedges and also test you ball.
As a diagnostic assessment tool in club, one of the first things we can do is to go through the whole bag and see how they perform, their trajectory, yardage carry, spin rates and much, much more. We then compare what your currently have against our recommendations. We compare the real FACTS!

Did you know:

Trackman is the most sophisticated golf radar system on earth... it is not a launch monitor. Trackman is leaps and bounds more precise and accurate with its information than your average launch monitor. The only system of its kind.

The Only system used on the PGA, LPGA and European Tour

We can MAXIMIZE your current swing by improving your impact alignments and Trackman will help us do that for you FASTER

Trackman is the ONLY system that provides complete club and ball flight information. Trackman measures 21 different ball and club data points.

Allow you to learn how to improve your impact position, club speed, spin rate and much more!